Concept & Consultation

We advise, manage and achieve the one key result for you!

Our concept & consultation as key driver. We create real added value for you!

Our concept is based on the fact that, due to our versatile expertise, we also carry out the steps for you, for which you would otherwise have to additionally commission other companies. With this, you have us as a central contact and always a clear overview.

Our concept follows the following steps:

Definition: important criteria for the sale or purchase of a property
Realization: Accurate real estate inspection
Obtaining, reviewing & checking: object documents
Contact: Property management for further relevant information
Creation: individual project for sale/purchase, target group, steps,...
Preparation: financing for buyers with direct approach to banks as a banker possible
Preparation: notarization between seller, buyer and notaries

You take over the last 1% with your signature on the purchase contract..

ONE KEY RESULT support you during the entire project!


Carolin Neuse leads the ONE KEY RESULT Ltd. as a managing partner. 

Our professional time in banks in Berlin and Paris, renowned strategy consultancies and real estate funds in Zurich and London makes us a professional, competent, reliable and successful real estate & finance advisor in Berlin and Brandenburg. 

The basis for this was laid, among other things, by the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Banking & Finance as well as Master of Arts in Business Administration at the University of Zurich and also by obtaining the professional title of "Bankkauffrau" from Dresdner Bank. The latter allows us to directly address the lending banks, which is a strong component of our services.

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